How I got rid of GST on Rabbit Feed

(being the answer to "What have you ever done for Rabbit in Canada")

In 1991 the value added tax called "Goods and Services Tax" (GST) was imposed on most goods and services in Canada. The Canadian Feed Manufacture's Association asked for and received zero-rating for the normal production animal feeds, but the Tax Monster asked for the Feed Association to hand over as many species as possible to be taxed. The Feed Association handed over Rabbits and Horses as the sacrifice to the Tax Monster in order to save poultry, hog and dairy feeds from the dreaded tax. Therefore rabbit feed was lost to the tax system and began being taxed.

On all accounts, the situation was called hopeless by everyone I consulted, including our accountant who had done high level work in agricultural reorganization with government people. As a last resort, I turned to Canada's Number One farm business organization, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), and asked if anything could be done about this serious situation. After a period of time, allowing the wheels of government to grind exceedingly fine, the favourable response came back from the Revenue Canada.

Here is the cover letter from the CFIB on this matter:
Letter from CFIB

Here is the letter from Revenue Canada regarding GST on rabbit feed:
Letter from Revenue Canada

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