Rabbit Feed & Nutrition

The purpose of this section is to promote better feeds and feeding of rabbits.

How I got rid of GST on Rabbit Feed!

Sure-Crop 18% Rabbit Pellets now available in Surrey

Sure-Crop is the best rabbit feed in B.C. by far, and most often requested by 4H.
Now available in Surrey, $21 per 20 kg bag. Click on Mail Page link below to inquire.

How to repair Co-op feed

There are lots of problems with co-op feed, beginning with the too-narrow pellets and excessive fines, low calcium, low fat and low energy. But it is repairable, unlike pro-form which isn't repairable. To make a nice rabbit feed from the co-op 18% feed, first screen out the excess fines. Then divide the bag of feed equally into two buckets so that you have approximately 10 kg in each bucket. Then pour one bucket into a suitable mixing tub, such as a 50 litre garbage can. Mix in 250 g of either powdered egg shells or finely ground lime stone (don't breathe the duct). Then mix in 2/3 cup of canola oil. Now it looks like a nice pellet! Then add 800 to 1,000 g of flatted barley, and then you have a repaired feed that is almost as good as the Sure-Crop feed! Then do the same with the other bucket of co-op feed.

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