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Rabbit Breeding Stock

Here's where you can get top quality replacement stock.

All categories are available:

  1. Young does and bucks, 10 to 18 weeks
  2. Ready to breed does (18+ weeks)
  3. Ready to breed bucks (24+ weeks)
  4. Proven does(one or two good litters)
  5. Proven bucks

We ship (almost) anywhere! Prices per category: (1) - $2.15 per week of age, (2) - $50.00, (3) - $75.00, (4) - $100.00, (5) - $100.00.
All prices in CDN funds FOB the Rabbit Ranch in Surrey, BC; Packing, shipping, certificates, etc. are extra. Shipping is very expensive, starting with $75 to get a rabbit to the airport.
These prices are for the raising of the rabbit only.
These rabbits have copyright, unless you can figure out a better way to compensate for 35 years of rabbit breeding. If you wish to reproduce these rabbits for your own personal consumption, the "software" agreement is $30 per rabbit. If you wish to reproduce these rabbits and sell the offspring for fryer rabbits, the "software" agreement costs $200 per rabbit plus 5 cents per pound of offspring sold. If you wish to sell the offspring of these rabbits as breeding stock, that activity is strictly forbidden. The rabbits remain our property, you have only aid for the cost of raising them plus a fee for the right to use them for a very specific purpose. Note that nowhere above does it mention that the rabbits are "for sale"

What does it cost to raise your own replacements? Try the cost of production calculator download from the Home Page

When to order replacement does?

Please note that replacement rabbits are not usually raised on speculation. There may be some available, but generally you have to place an order then the rabbits are bred and the young raised up, with 50% downpayment.

Your processor wants more fryer rabbits in the winter months; they are usually swamped during the summer. So, you need to produce more fryers during October to May (assuming northern winter). That means you need to breed more does during the period July 1 to March 1. So, you need replacements that are ready to breed by the beginning of July, so these replacements need to be born by February 15th.

To have more fryer rabbits for October, you would want to get your replacements ordered now, October and November. Then we will make sure that our best does are open to be bred in December and January, to produce good young that are born in January and early February, so that you will have young does ready to breed beginning in July so that you have fryers next October!

Young replacements need special raising during their growing period, they are not just the ordinary fryers that got too big.
See the Newsletter issue Vol.5-1 Summer 2000 on behaviour of the rabbit.

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