Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals

We, at Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals, are creating a large network of Agri-business Professionals in India and other SAARC countries with a view to enhancing the rural incomes in India by enabling access to appropriate agricultural technologies and market intelligence to the masses living in the hinterlands of India and the SAARC region.


On one hand, India is producing around 13,000 food and agricultural graduates every year. Only 50 percent of them find gainful employment with the Government, public and private sectors organizations. The post education work of all such graduates is largely in isolation, with no organization which enables inter connectivity and sharing that would have unleashed nation wide synergies.This situation is true for the SAARC region as a whole. On the other hand, the farming community is deprived of the expertise and excellence that exist in pockets across the country, because there is organization, system or mechanism that will enable an easy and effective communication between the seekers of the knowledge and the providers of the knowledge.

In view of the above, we thought there is a need of an organization that will use the strengths of the current day Information and Communication Technologies to satisfy the needs of the farming community by providing information and knowledge through a network of food and agricultural professionals. Such an organization will help enhance rural incomes in India and the SAARC region by enabling access to appropriate agricultural technologies and market intelligence to the masses living in the hinterlands of India.


INDIAN SOCIETY OF AGRIBUSINESS PROFESSIONALS (ISAP) is a network of professionals in India and the SAARC countries and is a non-political non-governmental organization started and run by professionals from the agribusiness sector. The professionals who have set up this venture have experiences ranging from Irrigation, Food Processing, International Trade, Research, Agri Inputs, Agri Extension etc. ISAP is registered as a Not-for-Profit Company under the Companys' Act 1956.


To enhance rural incomes in India and the SAARC region by enabling access to appropriate agricultural technologies and market intelligence to the masses living in the hinterlands of the region.


Creation of a national and international network of food and agribusiness professionals involved in all business aspects of the agricultural sector. Facilitating creation of agribusiness clinics and enabling a sustainable delivery of products and services to the farming community.


The proposed KNOWLEDGE NETWORK project aims at enhancing the incomes of rural farming community in India. The Indian Agricultural sector contributes 25% to the Indian economy and 65% to the employment in the country and therefore an increase in farm incomes, however modest, will lead to betterment in the lives of 650 million people.



Enhancement in rural farm incomes in India and the SAARC region through the following:

The above leading to establishment of a large number of Agribusiness Clinics on self-sustainable basis.


Given the size and spread of the Indian agricultural sector, the country needs around 50,000 Agribusiness Clinics. This Project aims at establishing the basic mechanism that would facilitate establishing such Agri-clinics by motivated agricultural graduates on self-sustainable basis. This Project will establish the knowledge network, will identify the agri-graduate interested in starting Agri-clinics, will train them and will provide the information products and services to their agri-clinics on an ongoing basis. Thus the concept of Agribusiness clinics becomes scalable and could expand till it reaches every major village in the country.

Similar projects will be taken up in the other SAARC countries after the project successfully takes off in India.


Since the very basic concept of this project is based on creating a knowledge network and knowledge delivery mechanism, there would a direct involvement of a large number of Agri-Experts, Rural Entrepreneurs who will run the Agri-clinics and the Farmers.


Once the basic knowledge network and delivery mechanism are in place, the operating cost of the project will be recovered by charging modest fees for use of the information and expert services by the farming community via the agribusiness clinics.


Create a city/ center wise network of functional experts. These experts will be classified according to their domain specialization, eg., horticulture, vermiculture, pathology, entomology, etc. We estimate the population of experts to be of the order of 5,000 and we target to have at least 25% on our panel within 2 years.

Enroll at least 100,000 Agribusiness professionals as associates within 5 years. The professionals can be unemployed graduates, progressive farmers, manufacturers, service providers, buyers and customers of agricultural products and services.

Help set up and manage agribusiness clinics by providing training, course content, know-how and managerial inputs. This will also include helping entrepreneurs to arrange finance and launch services.

Provide consulting and educational services to the participants. The participants will be able to use the forum to submit their Request for Proposals (RFPs) and the panel of experts will then respond with specific proposals. This Project will act as the facilitator that will bring the service users and service providers together.

Enter into strategic alliances with information service providers to source market information. Provide this market information in customized form to the Agri-clinics.


As a seeker of services:

As a provider of services:


You may register with Indian Society of Agribusiness Professional (ISAP) under any one of the following eight categories.

(A) Register as an Agri-Expert (PRACHARAK)

As a registered PRACHARAK, you will contribute to the Agri-Knowledge Pool of the ISAP in the area of your expertise.

(B) Register as a Disseminator of Agri-knowledge (PRASARAK)

As a registered PRASARAK, you will disseminate the Agri-Knowledge pooled by ISAP through the Agribusiness Clinics run by you.

(C) Register as Agri-Knowledge Volunteer (KRISHISEVAK)

As a registered KRISHISEVAK, you will help to spread the Agri-Knowledge pooled by ISAP in your individual capacity.

(D) Register as Partner Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)(PRERAK)

As a Partner NGO, you will help catalyse the reach of ISAP through your professionals, expertise and experience.

(E) Register as a Farmer intending to use the Agri-Knowledge (KRISHAK)

As a registered KRISHAK, you can use the Agri-Knowledge Pool of the ISAP to find answers to your queries regarding markets, technology, etc.

(F) Register as an Industrial User of the Agri-Knowledge (UDYOJAK)

As a registered UDYOJAK, you can use the Agri-Knowledge Pool of the ISAP to find answers to your queries regarding your Agri-business.

(G) Register as Partner Research Organizations (SANSHODHAK)

As a Partner research organisation, you will be able to utilise the reach of ISAP network to take your research from the laboratory to the farms and industry.

(H) Register as a Agri Journalist who writes exclusively/extensively on Agricultural issues (LEKHAK)

As a registered lekhak, you can use the Agri-Knowledge Pool of the ISAP to disseminate your writings/stories to a discerning audience and also get more information and insight into any agricultural subject while filing your story.

As an Agri-knowledge provider or as an agri-knowledge seeker, please register with us now.

The forms are available at www.isapindia.org and you can submit the same online or print out the forms and send to the correspondence address at the end of this message.

We also have a very active e-group at ISAPindia which you could join to share your knowledge and learn from others in the field.

We would also greatly appreciate if you put up this notice on the notice board in your organisation and/or forward information about ISAP to people you know who are interested in this kind of work.

We are also glad to inform you that ISAP has been selected by Digital Partners, USA as one of the Most Promising Social Enterprises for their 2002 Award.

Expecting your kind co-operation.
Thanks & regards,

Gokul Patnaik
Address for Correspondence:

Executive Director, ISAP,
E12, Greater Kailash I
New Delhi-110 048
E-mail - isap@vsnl.net 
Website - http://www.isapindia.org  

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