Rabbit Feed & Nutrition

This page is for feed mills and others looking for information on the latest nutrient requirements for rabbits.

Learn how to NOT put 2 - 3 times the recommended amount of Vitamin D in rabbit feed, like so many Canadian feed makers do, producing hardening of the arteries in replacement stock.

Find out how to make a feed that works, without resorting to adding two pounds per ton of copper sulfate (chemotherapy: causing environmental contamination and high liver copper levels).

Learn how to improve particle size in rabbit diets - See Vol. 3(2), December 1998 issue of "Pan-American Rabbit Science Newsletter" for details on improving fibre particle size. Also, please inquire about a simple method for optimizing grain utilization in feed formulation, without using any special processes!

The major review on rabbit behaviour in the Vol.5-1 Summer 2000 Newsletter issue will have a profound effect on rabbit feed manufacturing. You need to read this issue to see why it will probably never be possible to make a truly complete rabbit feed; the rabbits need a supplementary fibre source at a different time of the day from the main feeding period.

Read Vol.6-1 Dec 2001 Newsletter issue, to see how to solve the world-wide problems with epizootic enterocolitis by using new analysis methods for carbohydrates.

Learn how you can easily have an improved feed at your mill, very reasonable consulting fee, which includes the CCRPD's (Canadian Centre for Rabbit Production Development) Certification Program.

Please inquire if you wish to have more information; we can't put free information on the WWW, and you can't get these questions answered anywhere else!

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