Small Scale Rabbit Husbandry:

A proposal for rabbit raising activity for institutional settings

Some correspondence on the topic:

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 11:26:00 +0100
From: Dr. Marc KPODEKON <>
Subject: roundtable

The 7th World Rabbit Congress Organising Committee has asked me to be moderator of the roundtable about "The rabbit as a source of meat in developing countries.".

All suggestions to make this session successful are welcome. On the basis of those suggestions, I will prepare a draft to introduce discussions during our session in year 2000.


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Date: Fri, 18 Jun 99 15:29:36-040
From: rastogi - rajendra kumar dr. rastogi (at)
Subject: Re: roundtable

Dear Dr. Kpodekon,

I suggest that we discuss, among others, Small Scale Rabbit Production In PeriUrban Areas. We shouldn't relegate rabbit production to rural areas only.

We should integrate rabbit production (and other small scale agricultural activities) with high density Housing schemes, Orphanages, Shanty Towns, Government Institutions such as Prisons, Hospitals etc.

In other words, bring rabbit production near to the markets.

In many developing countries, youths, after finishing High School, don't have jobs and when out of school, they get into many vices due to lack of legitimate activities to perform, they get into DRUGS.

Many House Wives are heart broken because their children are not gainfully employed in some small activity around the house, eg., rabbit & small stock production- activities that can help earn some money while at the same time, teach youths the value of work, love & caring, not to mention sharing.

Such activities would also help keep youths away from substance abuse. Trouble is that TV watching keeps youths (and old) from real physical activity & sport, while leading them to fantasize a lot.

So rabbit & small stock production can serve for character building in youths along with learning of some skills. I really hope we can discuss these ideas. Let me know how everyone feels.

  Best Wishes.

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Dear Marc Kpodekon,

I may join to the roundtable concerning: Rabbit production in Balkans (Greece, Boulgaria, Roumania, Jougoslavia etc.) If you need more information please let me know.

Best regards

Dr. E. Xylouri
Agricultural University of Athens,

For an example of how a rabbit project can be set up and operated, here is a report on our rabbitry here in a suburban area of the City of Surrey (population 400,000), at Canadian Centre for Rabbit Production Development Link.

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