Recent Advances in Rabbit Sciences

ISBN: 92-898-0030.EPS

Editors: L. Maertens and P. Coudert

This book is the result of the COST 848 Cooperation Action between rabbit scientists of 14 different countries. The purpose to cover the latest advances in rabbit science has been achieved in this comprehensive work (300 pages, 21 colour pages). The different reviews were written by experts in their field and are grouped in 5 chapters: Reproduction, Housing and Welfare, Pathology, Nutrition and Feeding Strategies and Rabbit Meat Quality and Safety. An overview of nearly all relevant research related to rabbit production can now be found in one cover. This book is like a high-level rabbit conference.

Table of Contents

REPRODUCTION, this section coordinated by Prof. Dr. Cristiano BOITI, University of Perugia

  1. Reproductive physiology of the rabbit doe.
    C, Biote, U. Besenfelder, G. Brecchia, M. Theau-Clément, M. Zerani
  2. Alternative methods for the synchronisation of oestrus in lactating does.
    M. Theau-Clément, C. Boiti, A. Bonanno, C. Eiben, L. Maertens, Zs. Szendrö
  3. New perspectives in rearing systems for rabbit does.
    J. Rommers, L. Maertens, B. Kemp
  4. Developments in the investigation of rabbit semen and buck management.
    C. Castellini, U. Besenfelder, F. Pizzi, M. Theau-Clément, J. Vicente, T. Renieri

HOUSING OF RABBITS in conformity with animal welfare and protection criteria, this section coordinated by Prof. Dr. Steffan HOY

  1. Welfare indicators.
    S. Hoy, M Verga
  2. Nursing behaviour of wild and domestic rabbits
    S. Hoy
  3. Odour cues and pheromones in the mediation of rabbit female-offspring relations.
    B. Schaal, G. Coureaud, A. Moncomble, D. Langlois, G. Perrier
  4. Behaviour of kits.
    M. Verga, F. Luzi
  5. Behaviour of breeding does in cages.
    J. Fernández-Carmona, M. Lopez
  6. Behaviour of growing rabbits
    M. Verga, F. Luzi, Zs. Szendrö
  7. Group housing of breeding does.
    M. Ruis
  8. Single housing of breeding does.
    Zs. Szendrö
  9. Environmantal enrichment in growing rabbits.
    D. Jordan, F. Luzi, M. Verga, I. Stuhec
  10. Group size and stocking density.
    Zs. Szendrö, F. Luzi
  11. Animal protection in housing and transport.
    F. Luzi, S. Hoy, M. Verga

PATHOLOGY, this section coordinated by Dr. Dominique LICOIS, INRA, Nouzilly, France

  1. Recent advances in rabbit staphylococcosis research.
    D. Vancraeynest, K. Hermans, F. Haesebrouck
  2. Myxomatosis
    S. Bertagonoli, F. Messud-Petit, D. Marlier
  3. Pasteurellosis in rabbits.
    P. Coudert, P. Rideaud, G. Virag, A. Cerrone
  4. Epizootic rabbit enteropathy.
    D. Licois, P. Coudert, D. Marlier
  5. Viral enteritis of rabbits.
    M. Cerioli, A. Lavazza
  6. Rabbit haemorrhagic disease.
    A. Lavazza, L. Capucci

NUTRITION and FEEDING strategies for improving the health of the doe and the young rabbit, this section coordinated by Dr. Thierry GIDENNE, INRA, Toulouse, France.

  1. Recent advances in digestive physiology of the growing rabbit.
    L. Fortun-Lamothe, T. Gidenne
  2. The digestive ecosystem and its control through nutritional or feeding strategies.
    R. Carabaño, I. Badiola, D. Licois, T. Gidenne
  3. Nutritional and feeding strategies improving the digestive health of the young rabbit.
    T. Gidenne, J. Garcúa
  4. Nutrition of the young and growing rabbit: A comparative approach with the doe.
    G. Xiccato, A. Trocino, N. Nicodemus
  5. Strategies for doe's corporal condition improvement: Relationship with ;itter viability and career length.
    J.J. Pascual, G. Xiccato, L. Fortun-Lamothe
  6. Feed additive to reduce the use of antibiotics.
    L. Maertens, L. Falcão-e-Cunha, M. Marounek

MEAT QUALITY and SAFETY, this section coordinated by Prof. Dr. Pilar HERNÁNDEZ

  1. Rabbit meat quality.
    P. Hernández, F. Gondret
  2. Rabbit meat safety and traceability.
    C. Cavani, M. Petracci

This book is out of print. You can download a .pdf copy from World Rabbit Science web site

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