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The need for a database of this type was made clear in a paper given by J.C. Sandford at the 5th World Rabbit Congress in 1992:

"An important need, then, is for easier access to the literature, of necessity much in abstracted form. The ability to obtain, from one source only, a detailed list of previous work on a particular subject, would be of inestimable value and saving in time to the workers in rabbit science. In fact, the combined efforts to produce such a source would be a good deal less than the time needed by research workers separately to produce their own, and, as a continuing source, would become increasinly valuable. Experience of the past indicates that such an operation is very unlikely to be undertaken or financed by and Government. It is a task which is too great for a small group of individuals, except perhaps in a very restricted field. It is, however, perhaps a task which might well be organized by the World Rabbit Science Association."

Due to this growing need, and to provide a reference base for the "Pan-American Rabbit Science Newsletter", this database was begun in 1994. This database has been the engine behind the Newsletter.

Researchers CANNOT honestly cite a reference in their paper unless they have read how other researchers have viewed that reference. The only way in the world to find important citings of your intended reference is by using THIS database.

This database gives volume and page number of every citing of every database entry. It is essential that researchers consider this database for all research on a topic, to find locations and context of citings, as well as to consider whether or not to bring into their discussion rabbit articles which have not been included in this database.

Here is how WRSA members can participate in this project, with the end point being this database becomes available to all researchers. I don't have the time to bring this project up to date, but if three or four people will step in and volunteer to each do a small section of the work, they will each get the first copies of the updated database, and if it has been significantly improved, then perhaps there cab be a general release to others.

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Question: How can this database be used?

Here is an example. Besides finding most of the studies you need by keyword or author, this database finds the important CITINGS of articles, so you can read what other authors have said about a particular reference.

The database shows that this article:
Carabaño R., Fraga M.J., Santomá G., de Blas J.C. (1988) Effect of diet on composition of caecal contents and on excretion and composition of soft and hard faeces of rabbits. J. Anim. Sci. 66(4), 901-910.
has been cited in 5 other major studies:

It is this locating of important CITINGS of the particular reference article that makes this database unique.

If you do any research of references, you will appreciate how helpful this is, having a list of important citings, giving actual volume and page number of the citing. No other database will give you this information!

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