Lambs for Sale

From the Port Kells ranch lands in Surrey, come some of B.C.'s finest lambs. This flock grazes on the best-managed pasture land in the Fraser Valley.

Imagine starting out with GOOD breeding stock from Aveley Corriedales from over 30 years ago, and selecting for good fast growing prize-winning lambs, and now crossing this good producing ewe flock with a new purebred Charolais ram. That's what's available, Charolais cross on old-time Aveley Corridales, beautiful lambs with excellent conformation.

We have many prize ribbons from previous years' carcass class competitions at Surrey Farm Fair and especially at the P.N.E. (Pacific National Exhibition), competing against lambs from B.C., Alberta, Washington and Oregon. Note, these results are all BEFORE using the Charolais ram, which has brought in taller loins, wider shoulders and finer -grain meat. Here are the carcass class results:


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