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Here is where you get the best lamb in the Vancouver area, the best lamb in Surrey!
If someone else says they have the best lamb, they are just lying.

From the Port Kells ranch lands in Surrey, come some of B.C.'s finest lambs. These are Charolais/Corriedale cross lambs. Charolais is an excellent meat breed, with wide shoulder, loins and legs and fine-grained meat. Corriedale is the main breed of lamb raised in New Zealand. This flock grazes on the best-managed pasture land in the Fraser Valley.

Lambs in the pasture

The pastures are managed by rotational grazing; when the next section of pasture is ready to eat, it looks like a chef's salad! These lambs are not on antibiotics, are not given growth hormones. Did you know that most Alberta feed-lot lambs are on growth-promoting continuous antibiotics and/or have growth hormone implants such as "RalGro®"? Our lambs are mainly pasture fed during summer, and are not weaned, so that the meat has a pinker colour compared to New Zealand lamb.

Best Whole Lamb, Vancouver Sun

Each year we have lambs for sale.
You cannot get better tasting more tender lamb anywhere, because the lambs eat well!
Read about our lambs in the The Vancouver Sun, on page B5, March 6, 2002.
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When are the next lambs?

There is one lamb remaining for 2017, get your order in NOW!

Since all people seem to care about is the price of the lamb - I just had people phoning around to farms to find the lowest price for a lamb. This is how I know people don't actually give a hoot about animal care, when they continue to force down the cost of lambs way below a reasonable cost of feeding them. Yet, it is possible for you to get a free lamb!

You know that "you are what you eat", correct? Well the lambs are what they eat as well, that's a big reason that these are the best-tasting lambs that you can buy anywhere, guaranteed! They eat very well, with good hay and whole oats and rolled corn to supplement the pasture.

Buy some lamb! If you live in the Vancouver or Surrey area and want good lamb for the barbecue - this is for you! Support urban agriculture! To order, go to the Mail Page for e-mail address.

Restaurants and Chefs - if you would like to have QUALITY local lamb or mutton! on your menu, this is your place to order! Here's a great offer - you have the opportunity, right now, to have an exclusive deal so that YOU have the best lamb in B.C. and your competitors CAN'T GET ANY!
EACH LAMB is fully guaranteed to be tender and tasty, unlike what you have tried from other "local" lamb suppliers - those lambs are simply the garbage that the local processors pick up every week at the auction. I have a steady, year-round supply of quality lambs, all raised here in Surrey. The only down-side is that you have to figure out how to use a whole lamb, which isn't that big a deal for a good chef. Please reply!

Mutton for sale - there are THREE muttons (mouton) available. This is the best mutton you can find anywhere, maybe in the whole world! Mutton is the king of meats and ours tastes like mild beef with a bit of lamb flavour. You DO NOT need a pressure cooker or a ton of mint sauce. It is not at all like what you had to eat during WWII. Order now - three muttons available for 2017. There are nice cuts with bone-in, great for dogs also! $4/lb.
I save the best lambs for flock replacement, and good lamb grow up to be good mutton, and you can only get good lambs from good mutton! For more details on mutton, click here

Thank you for choosing B.C. Lamb!!

Lambs - Breeding Stock for sale

If you are interested to buy some breeding stock, or wish to see how our lambs have done in carcass class competitions such as at the PNE, go to Next Lamb Page.

Sheep for Sale

I have a 19-month-old ram for sale ($750), from Salt Spring Island stock.

The entire flock is for sale, to a good home.
If you have at least four years practice raising sheep, and you would like to fast-forward through your first forty years of sheep breeding, this is your big opportunity to start where I leave off, and take this entire flock complete with full breeding records.
Full price $6400, → PRICE REDUCTION to C$5000 for full flock - please inquire for details. Or, buy this whole property for only $2.5M and get the sheep as an extra, for a working farm, then the sheep get to stay at home.
If you say either of these things you will be asked to leave: "I'll give you..." or "We do it this way...". This price is the bottom reserve price, you can bid up from there, not down from there.
Address and contact information at the Mail Page


There may be rabbits available again in early 2018.

Get the best meat for your dogs and cats - try some rabbit for pet food, rabbit for raw diet pet food, available frozen singly and in case-lot quantities. Inquire about pricing.

Check out the rabbit recipes at the Recipes Page

Rabbit breeding stock - see Rabbits link.

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