Want a free lamb?

This offer is not available to previous customers.

The actual cost of raising lambs is very high and I can't keep City People up to speed on what it actually costs, so nobody is willing to even pay for the lamb's share of the purchased feed costs. The situation is so bad, that if I were to give away the lambs for free, it would only double the farm loss for the year! I could literally get rid of the sheep, and use that lost money to take a CRUISE AROUND THE WORLD! Every Year!

So, if you can write out a note, explaining why you should have a free lamb, and why I have to work for free (actually much less than free) all year, AS WELL AS subsidize all of the cost of feeding your lamb, then on approval, if you have told a good story, you can have your FREE LAMB!

Otherwise, you can have a lamb by donation, at any level of donation that you wish. For reference, here are a few cost numbers: The average cost per lamb of purchased feed last year was C$478, and it is going to be a lot higher this year, since hay is more. That does not include all the hay I cut here (by hand) and the grass the sheep eat off the pasture. It includes nothing for Hydro, use of the barns, movable fencing, water ($190 per 3000 gallons) or any other supplies and maintenance, etc. If I were to make the poverty wage in India ($2 per day) that would add another $50 per lamb.

So, if you want to make a donation for a lamb instead of taking a free one, just pick a number.

Note that for a lamb by donation of less than $600 (and for a free lamb), slaughter and butcher fees are not included, and that runs about $115 or a bit more, plus $20 for delivery to the slaughterhouse, plus GST. So even your "free" lamb will cost you at least $135. Sorry, there are no more $60 lambs, that was 1978, when hay was $1.25 per bale - now it is 10 times that amount!

Now here's the catch: If you take a free lamb, or a donation below the break-even cost of the lamb (about $900), then you will have to sign the agreement to join the Lamb Program which means that you agree to take at least one lamb every year. If twelve months go by after your last lamb, then you agree to pay up the amount by which I have subsidized your lamb. If you take another lamb before the twelve months is up, then all is cool, you may have a subsidized lamb every year for as long as we both shall live. One other thing - I expect every lamb customer to refer, some time in their life, at least one person who will sign up to take lambs. This helps with the gradual turnover in lamb customers.

OK, I get it - you don't want to have any "commitment" to the Lamb Program. So here's another way you can get a Free Lamb (but only for a smaller one, less than 35 kg live weight). Just pay for what it costs to feed the lamb's mom for the year, and your lamb is free! It costs over $1/day to feed a ewe (can YOU feed a large animal for that???) so round off about $1.10/day and you get $400, then add $10 for me taking care of the lambing time (would YOU work for that???) plus $2 for a tag for the lamb, and you get to (only) $412, and you get the lamb for free! But that's a live lamb that you have to take away, or pay $20 for delivery to the slaughterhouse, then about $115 for killing and cutting, plus GST on those. If you take the lamb away live, there is a $100 head deposit, which you get back when you bring back the lamb's head (so I know you didn't take a lamb at meat price to keep for breeding). Yes, people have done that!

Like I said, I can't keep City People up to speed on what it really costs to raise a lamb, the most expensive meat to raise.

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